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If you are also the proud owner (or ex-owner) of a Morris 8, I'd be happy to display its picture in this section.

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DOX835.JPG (38023 bytes) morrisafterstorage.JPG (25861 bytes) m8pick1.JPG (30443 bytes) m8pick2.JPG (30671 bytes)
Bob Bryan's saloon Chris Penn's saloon Kev and Ali's Pickups
c004.JPG (30446 bytes) bbpj.JPG (42180 bytes) NT01.JPG (43641 bytes) File0047a.JPG (37233 bytes)
Ulf Söderbäck's saloon Dave Grace's saloon Nick Tilley's tourer Rod Kirman's 2-seater
pp1.JPG (32595 bytes) pp2.JPG (23900 bytes) pp4.JPG (26056 bytes) pp3.JPG (27918 bytes)
Phil Plumbe's 2-seater (UK, c1972) Phil Plumbe's 2-seater (Australia, c1974)
creese1.JPG (52229 bytes) creese2.JPG (42463 bytes) stunell8.JPG (31861 bytes) DKR181a.JPG (21495 bytes)
Geoff Creese's saloon Colin Stunell's tourer Steve Povey's 2-seater
unt1.JPG (49514 bytes) IMG_0678a.JPG (29786 bytes) TourerRFQ.JPG (26821 bytes) TourerMtEgmont.JPG (24744 bytes)
Kim and Adele's E tourer Bob Jaeger's 2-seater

Richard Fuller's tourer

kas 1.jpg (128084 bytes) vic1936.jpg (82562 bytes)

IM000001.JPG (94236 bytes)

IMAG0004.JPG (72525 bytes)

Trevor Johnson's saloon Vic Durawski's saloon

Ronnie Johnstone's 2-seater and ex-saloon

Morris2.JPG (71545 bytes) Mvc-001s.JPG (132797 bytes)

Mvc-014s.JPG (187497 bytes)

The Gerald Strange collection

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